Damned Cold is a twin-stick shooter with some light rogue-like elements (perma-death, randomization, replayability) where you play as an escaped prisoner of war trying to escape their captors through killing cold in a reactive diesel-punk world. Anything and everything will try to kill you - but by learning from your deaths you will make progress and eventually manage to escape. The game does not end there though - with each escape additional play conditions and modifiers will unlock giving the next playthrough added variety.

Each run through can take as little as a few minutes once paths are learned, and enemies and traps figured out - but unlockable modifiers will demand additional objectives be met before an escape attempted - or powerful new equipment or vehicles can be unlocked to help in those attempts.


  • Twin-stick shooter style gameplay

  • Keep your temperature up any way you can, or freeze to death.

  • A re-imaged world war 2 style world, where tesla weapons and walking tanks are common-place.

  • Addictive "one more time" game-play loops, where death comes fast but victory is always in reach.

  • Lots of unlocks and modifiers to find scattered around the map

  • A map that changes slightly in each playthrough, changing routes and item drops

  • Screenshots

About Unlikely Rogue

An Ontario, Canada based development team of two brothers, Jacob and Matthew Lachance. With a focus on creating retro-inspired 2D games for PC.






Unlikely Rogue

October 25th, 2016



$4.99 USD